Eunice (Esau) Mitchell

  After a 30 year career in the Travel Industry, including 16 years with Menno Travel Service, 5 of those years in management, Eunice’s focus evolved to caring for women, once orphans and the widows of Ukraine.  Her interest started in 2006 when she visited the Molotschna region of Ukraine and found her grandparents home in the village of Alexandekrona.  In 2014, with the help of a new friend in Kyiv, Helen Sedikh, women, once orphans, gathered together for a weekly meal around The Table and a lesson in life skills.  This is now her more than full time work.

Linda Tur
Project Coordinator

Linda’s life experience as an orphan has given her a God given passion for the orphans that have been released from the orphanages.  At the age of 15 these girls are left to fend for themselves with no family or mentors in their lives but each other.   She had a vision for these gals, to give them a safe place to be family and learn.

The Table Gathering is “my dream come true”. 

       Board of Directors

Eunice (Esau) Mitchell

Connie Sales, Darlene Heriot

Lorri Sawatsky, Judy Manderson,

Judy Froese

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     Main Street Church, Chilliwack

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