Latest Update, Jan.31 / 19

2018 Highlights. A year of growth:

* Winter - an unexpected trip to Kyiv in January to fulfill our first retail order from our Silver Soul project for the Market Place in Abbotsford.

~Bible studies continue for the second year with our faithful volunteer, Nelli!

~Widows continue to be referred to us from those that have appreciated our service of assisted living.

* Spring - formed the official Charity in Ukraine "The Family Table" and established a Board of Directors.

~Formed the official Society in Canada "The Table Gathering Ukraine" and established a Board of Directors.

~Team of 7 Canadians travelled to Kyiv to visit, encourage and meet the needs of our 40 widows along with encourage our family of orphan graduates, update some of their apartments kitchen necessities or new paint and example our own spiritual journeys.

~Main Street Church in Chilliwack begins partnership with TTG.

~Fundraiser - Coins for Kyiv launched.

* Summer - Table Gatherings continued their prayer support for widows and orphan graduates of Kyiv

* Fall - our Table Gatherings with a Purpose helped grow awareness of our ministry in Kyiv.

~ a team of 5 Canadians again travelled to Kyiv. This time facilitating our annual Women's Retreat, working with the girls who sew for additional income and bringing their completed items back to Canada for sale. All of the team took opportunity to visit and pray with our widows while bringing them food hampers.


We ended the year of 2018 with tragedy. On December 1, 2018, our co-founder, dear friend and colleague, Helen Sedikh died, along with her mother, Valentina and son, George. Words cannot express the difficult days that we faced ahead. Dec 3rd, Judy M and I returned to Ukraine to prepare a memorial in partnership with Helen's church, come alongside our girls who have no family to console them and prepare for the changes that would now look different for TTG.


2019 is becoming the year where one of our focuses is on our girls spiritual and emotional needs. We are excited to start the ALPHA Program on

Friday, February 1st. Please be in prayer with us that the foundation of our Christian faith will be clearly outlined for them and they will choose to embrace Jesus as their Lord.

We have also been introduced to women in New Life Church, Kyiv that are spiritual life coaches. They have agreed to spend time with our girls that need help with parenting, financial accountability, time management and then exampling christian faith in their daily life.


Another focus will be to meet more of the widows of Kyiv needs and share our services of Bread of Life Home Services (Assisted Living Program). We have connected with the Red Cross and they are willing to introduce us to some of the 26,000 widow pensioners in the city of Kyiv that have registered with them for help.

Valentina, below has been paralyzed for 18 years, has not left her room or building because she is on the 5th floor without wheelchair access, but is an amazing Christian that encourages so many, including our staff.

Klavdiya, is our first widow and now 4 years later, she is blind. Her 65 year old son lives with her, is an alcoholic and waits for her to die so he can claim her apartment. Our Linda comes to her weekly as they have a very special bond from years of working with her.


Sunday February 3rd, Judy M, Janet S and I will be returning to Kyiv. Helen S. played a big role in administrative responsibility so we will be restructuring the administration.


Please pray with us as we trust the Lord for the future.


~ Our 3 year flat lease is coming to an end. Where's home?

~ Silver Soul Creations will debut in Kyiv, February 16th

~ Board Meeting for The Family Table, February 7th

~ Launching the Alpha Program February 1st with National leaders.

~ Recruiting of a National Leader in Kyiv.

~ Our new spiritual and life skill coaches

Thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement and generous support of The Table Gathering Ukraine. You are making difference in the lives of widows of Ukraine and marginalized women that were once orphans in Ukraine. For this we are grateful!